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    Thank you to all of those helping us to learn more about the long-term health effects of COVID-19.

Enrollment is closed at this time, but more information about the study can be found below.

Email us at covidinspire@mednet.ucla.edu or call us at (310) 694-7503 if you need assistance or have any questions about your participation.

We are available Monday – Friday (8am – 5pm Pacific Time), excluding major US holidays. If you choose to respond by email, do not include any sensitive health information, as the confidentiality of email is not guaranteed.

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About Our Study

The Innovative Support For Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infections Registry (INSPIRE) is a CDC-funded study investigating the long-term physical and mental effects of COVID-19 and will use innovative technology and electronic health record data in research. Participants are sharing their experience via online surveys and are able to share their medical information through a highly secure, cloud-based personal health platform. Enrollment in INSPIRE has concluded at this time.

Participants must be:

  • 18 years or older 
  • Suspected symptoms of COVID-19
  • Tested for COVID-19 within the last six weeks (regardless of test result), and
  • Have access to an internet connected device such as a smart phone, tablet or computer.  


Upload your health information and complete a brief survey, once every three months, for 18-months.

What you need

All you need is a connection to the internet, an image of your COVID-19 test result that includes the test date,  and a connection to your health portal. The study is available by accessing a website or mobile app.


Earn up to $200 for participation.

To enroll in the INSPIRE study, we will ask you a few quick questions about yourself and will need the following items to confirm your eligibility:

  1. Verify your COVID test by uploading an image/photo showing name, date, and test result
  2. Create a Hugo Health account
  3. Link your MyChart (or other e-health portal) account


Innovative Support for Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infections Registry (INSPIRE) is a CDC-funded study looking at the long-term physical and mental effects of COVID-19. Participants will share their symptoms and experiences through brief online surveys and share information through a highly secure, cloud-based personal health platform. The research team at UCLA will invite people recently tested for COVID-19 to participate. Researchers hope to learn as much, and as fast as, possible to prepare for future health challenges.

To begin pre-screening for the study, please visit CovidInspire.org and select “UCLA/Los Angeles”. You will be directed to the Hugo Health platform portal to begin the registration process and determine eligibility.

  • Adults, 18 years and older across the U.S., and
  • Suspected symptoms of COVID-19, and
  • Tested for COVID-19 within the last six weeks, regardless of test result, and
  • Have access to an internet connected device such as a smart phone, tablet, or computer to complete online survey

Eligible participants will complete brief online surveys every 3 months over an 18-month period and share health information through a technology platform that collects data from multiple sources to create your own personal health record (PHR) and empowers you to share that data with researchers called Hugo Health.

The Hugo Health app is a technology platform that collects data from multiple sources to create your own personal health record (PHR) and empowers you to share that data with researchers. It can be accessed on your mobile phone or other device that is connected to the internet. The app gives you control over which data sources you want to connect to Hugo and gives you the option to turn off data sharing at any time. Hugo has a one-way link to your health data sources: it can access information but cannot add any information to your health records

For more information on the platform, please visit the Hugo Health website.

To participate in this study, you will give permission to the Hugo system to collect personally identifiable information (such as your name and where you go to the doctor) along with information about your health and care. The Hugo platform uses precautions, including industry-standard encryption, to minimize privacy and security risks to your stored information. UCLA Health does not own or have any business relationship with Hugo Health. When signing up to use the Hugo app as a PHR (Personal Health Record) app for this study, we suggest reviewing Hugo’s security and privacy policies prior to agreeing to the terms of service of this application (all available in both English and Spanish). You can review the Terms of Service, and the Privacy and Security Statements.

The Los Angeles area INSPIRE study is supported with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and managed by a team of faculty researchers at UCLA. The study is not directly funded or sponsored by UCLA Health, the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, the University of California, Los Angeles, or the Regents of the University of California.

Anyone living in the USA is potentially eligible. We encourage all interested and eligible participants to enroll in the UCLA/Los Angeles study. 

The UCLA/Los Angeles site is one of many academic research study sites across the United States. Each study site will have their own consent form, meaning you will be part of the study for the site you select when enrolling. For some participants, a preferred site may be available (CovidInspire.org), however since participation is entirely online, all interested and eligible participants can enroll with the UCLA/Los Angeles study.

Participants can enroll if tested more than once within six weeks, regardless of test result.

No. Participants should not have a previously confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis outside the six-week testing period or in the months prior to study enrollment.

Yes, participants are eligible for enrollment if previously vaccinated for Covid-19.

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 infections, is a novel coronavirus, meaning it is a new coronavirus and is not the same as the ones that cause other human illness, like the common cold. By participating, you are helping researchers in the fields of medicine and science at a time when information to understand COVID-19 infection in our communities is crucial. While you may not directly benefit from taking part in this study, we hope that knowledge gained from this study may benefit others with COVID-19 in the future. This study allows you to join a community of people, participating together, in generating knowledge about this condition.

Eligible applicants who meet the screening and verification process may be invited to become a study participant in which you will be paid up to $200, depending on your enrollment date and completion of surveys: $25 for the first survey, followed by $10 for each quarterly survey, $25 for the last quarterly survey, and $100 for the final survey.

You do not have to participate in this study and may choose to leave the study at any time. If you decide not to participate in this study or leave the study at a later time, your health care, benefits, or relationship with UCLA will not change or be affected.

If you wish to withdraw from the study, please email the study team at COVIDInspire@mednet.ucla.edu.

If you would like to learn more about the study, please visit CovidInspire.org.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our research team by phone (310) 694-7503 or email COVIDInspire@mednet.ucla.edu.

Hugo Health offers short instructional video tutorials on creating an account, connecting a portal, responding to surveys, and other common questions at the Hugo Health website's tutorials page.

Answers to frequently asked questions are also available at the Hugo Health website's FAQs page.

Live chat support is available during business hours by clicking the word bubble icon located on the bottom right corner of every page on their website. Technical issues with portals and records may be emailed to support@hugo.health.

Any questions not answered by the options listed above can be emailed to the UCLA/Los Angeles support team at COVIDInspire@mednet.ucla.edu.

To connect your health portal, log in to your Hugo Health account and follow the steps below.

  1. On the “Summary” page, select “My account settings.”
  2. Select “Add new connection.”
  3. Select either “Healthcare portal or hospital” or “Pharmacy or prescription.”
  4. For pharmacy portals, a list of options will be given. For healthcare portals, search for your healthcare or hospital system by name.
  5. Select your healthcare/hospital system from the dropdown.
  6. For both pharmacy and healthcare portals, enter your credentials. **Do not submit the autocompleted information, as it will be incorrect. Manually enter your credentials and verify that they are correct before submitting.

Once submitted, return to your summary. Under “Manage connections,” select either healthcare or pharmacy to see if your connection was successful. If a failed login is noted, you are able to edit the connection. You can either update your login information or forget the connection and start the process over. If you would like assistance, reach out to us at (310) 694-7503 or covidinspire@mednet.ucla.edu.

Various mobile screen captures depicting how to connect to the health portal. Step-by-step instructions are in the FAQ text.

Questions about our COVID-19 study?

Contact our research team

Phone: (310) 694-7503

Email: COVIDinspire@mednet.ucla.edu 

Facebook Twitter

*If you choose to respond by email, do not include any sensitive health information, as the confidentiality of emails cannot be guaranteed.

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The Innovative Support for Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infections (INSPIRE) Registry study is approved by the UCLA Institutional Review Board (IRB# 20-001683)